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Home styling is our passion. We are a manufacturer of wall decorations with over 25 years of experience. We produce pictures, posters, clocks, hangers and room dividers from the highest quality materials. Currently we sell our products on all European markets. In dropshipping model we cooperate with many retail chains. We provide professional technical support. We are a trustworthy company with many years of experience and a strong position on the international market.

We invite all companies interested in our products to dropshipping cooperation.


Dropshipping catalogue

Portret - Caro Dropshipping
  • Production on your demand
  • Products sent directly to your customer.
  • You don't investe
  • You don't stock products
  • We will take care of the quality of the products we send
  • We'll make sure the order comes out on time


Dropshipping is a kind of cooperation in which the supplier (CaroGroup) takes care of production, storage and logistics so that the distributor (you) can focus strictly on sales and marketing. A distributor in this model has a wide range of benefits. It does not freeze money for wholesale orders, does not spend on storage costs and does not waste time on packaging and sending parcels.

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oUR products

Deco panel

Deco panel

Obraz na płótnie Canvas

Print on canvas


Room divider

Obraz w ramie

Poster in frame

Metal Print

Metal Print





Zegar pion

Clock vertical

Zegar koło

Clock round





FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to start cooperation?
It is very easy. All you have to do is sign a cooperation contract with us and we will give you acces to all integration files.

2. Is there an extra charge for dropshipping? 
No, we do not charge any extra fees for cooperation. 

3. Are there any minimum orders??
No, we are processing all orders starting from 1pc.

4. How many products are on offer??
We currently have over 150,000 unique SKUs.

5. Do I have the right to use pictures and descriptions?
Of course, in the integration files you get descriptions, pictures, titles.

6. To which countries are orders processed?
We carry out orders to all European countries. We are open to go one step further.

7. Can partners count on support?
We support our partners at every step. Our IT specialists are ready to help with the integration process.

8. Where can I download integration files from and what is the frequency of their update?
Our files do not require frequent updates. We have no stock because we produce on
an order. We give our partners an opportunity:
a) CSV/XML file downloads
b) Integration via API
c) Integration through store platforms (RedCart, Sky-Shop, PrestaShop)

9. How the ordering process works?
There are two main ways to order:
a) By e-mail
b) API

10. How long does the delivery take?
a) Poland - 2 working days
b) The rest of Europe - 2-5 working days

11. Are there minimum prices at which to sell?
In the price list we give suggested prices.

12. How often are invoices sent out?
Invoices are issued collectively at the end of each week.

13. How long does it take to complete the order?
From the time you place your order, it takes us 48 hours to produce it and send it by courier.

14. Do the pictures have a so-called watermark, e.g. the logo of a wholesaler or similar?
No, our pictures are free of watermarks.

15. Are there any possible returns? On what basis?
We give our Partners a 12-month warranty on all our products. We accept only returns resulting from transport damage or negligence..


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